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DJ Uchuu

Born and raised in North East Manchester. DJ Uchuu is a software developer by day and a electronic musician by night, creating many groovy synths and upbeat melodies aswell as experimenting in many different genres. DJ Uchuu has been on and off with music for years but in 2019 he became serious about his passion and started honing his craft every chance he has! DJ Uchuu likes the genres of Shoegaze, Synthwave, Synthpop and Italo Disco While being influenced by artists like 'My Bloody Valentine', 'Boards of Canada', 'Com Truise' and 'Ken Lazslo'

DJ Uchuu's last album 'Ealdhamm' was a magical folktronic journey through his home town of Oldham which was critically acclaimed by his peers.

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DJ Uchuu
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