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  1. DJoNemesis is a musician and a cabaret artist belonging to the group Fratelli Stellari: he appears in some tracks included in the group's albums and he released some remixes of Fratelli Stellari's songs. He also creates music on his own being inspired by his female cat Maia, who is the reincarnation of a former female cat named Lilly: that is the reason why he released some music under the name of DJoNemesis and Lilly.
  2. DJoNemesis lives in Turin, Italy and he is one the founders of the group, together with his friend Dorien Dorion. His latest album is "Green Species", dedicated to healing herbs, to plants and "alien green cells". His previous album, "Space Captain", was inspired by a past life on a planet orbiting the star Maia in the Pleiades cluster. DJoNemesis saw scenes from this particular past life - when he was a spaceship pilot - through hypnosis.
  3. Under the name of Giuseppe DJoNemesis Ciucci he published three books in Italian and a book in French: "Fuochi Fatui tra le Ombre", "L'Incrocio Celeste al Parco Onirico", "Cuori pulsar nei segnali multiverso dall'Infinito", "Coeurs pulsar dans les signaux multivers de l'Infini" (publishers are Aletti Editore, Edizioni DrawUp and Youcanprint). Some of his literary works appear in the books published by Autori del Gruppo Facebook "Libri Stellari" and by Fratelli Stellari.

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