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  1. For a long time now, music has seemed to him the only refuge of incessant violence.
  2. He feeds on the richness of words and rhymes, the French song and his story to seize this art, which is rap. Member of the BMI Copyright Society in the United States. Born June 5, 1992 in Nkonsamba, Dockbled by his real name Alain Giresse KOMBO is a rapper Moungo located in the coastal region of Cameroon.
  3. His father unfortunately left too early to follow him. It is his mother who is responsible for raising Dockbled as well as three brothers and sisters.
  4. She will be a source of inspiration and a determining person for the young artist's career. During his adolescence, he attended the ghettoisation of his neighborhood.
  5. It has come to a point where even the police do not move when there are crimes. Gangsters impose their own rules, their own laws. The violent and dark lyrics of Dockbled are a reflection of the despair and the compromised future of Maquilla youth. His rap is the way to express that "pity is dead".
  6. He only talks about reality, as he knows it, with his own language. In 2009 marks a turning point in Dockbled's career. He chained the hip hop competitions, between Douala and Yaoundé, finishing regularly in the first places.
  7. His meeting with artists Pepis Jah Latime and Valsero forge his flow. This will allow him in 2012 to finish first of the competition Music IS Back in Mimboman. His taste for the stage will lead him in 2014 to be named winner, by the public, of the Freestyle Show and will allow him to have a direct on the radio Campus FM of the city of Douala. Thanks to his noticed passages, he accesses the prestigious studio of Kaya records to record his first title.
  8. Gangster du Ghetto He always listened to music and especially rap. As for his name, he keeps it from his audience and his way of rapping.
  9. He signed the Dog of bled then Dockbled. He starts recording demos including the famous "Gangster du Ghetto", the title becomes viral.
  10. Thanks to the unconditional support of his mother, Dockbled released his first clip "Gangster du Ghetto" which he defines "like mad dogs".
  11. He won more than 153,000 views on the Booska-p.com reference site, Booska-P's Booska'Buzz top share video and received acclaim from artists like Mokobé, Jok'Air, Canardo, Kalash Criminel and Fred Musa Skyrock's host. His rap is heavy, powerful and his texts reveal his daily life.
  12. Dockbled wants to make known the difficulties of life through his music and to make clear how easy it is to take up residence in the ghetto. He will link between 2017 and 2019 different showcases at Boucan and Air Force One, as well as several Hip-hop festivals such as One love in Douala-Cameroon.
  13. Dockbled remains an artist to follow very closely. Gangster du Ghetto a heavy title to discover on all platforms of legal downloads and youtube.
  14. Gangster du Ghetto link on youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRZyetyiLcI
  15. Gangster du Ghetto on Blank TV's USA YouTube with 731,000 subscribers : https://youtu.be/apDn_66TlPA
  16. Gangster du Ghetto link on Booska-P site number 1 of the French Rap :
  17. https://www.booska-p.com/booska-buzz.html
  18. https://www.booska-p.com/video-dockbled-gangster-du-ghetto-bzz6485.html
  19. I'm looking for a Label ready to sign me.
  20. Email : dockbledrappeur.engage@gmail.com
  21. My phone number and whatsapp : +237 670 28 36 57


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