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Drawing on Scars

Drawing on Scars is not a band in the traditional sense. The project started as an online collaboration, with Will Thacker teaming up with various vocalists to help his music come to life. Will is a talented producer and multi-instrumentalist, who writes nuanced and complex music, inspired by bands as diverse as A Perfect Circle, Porcupine Tree, Deftones, and more. From ambient to alternative and hard rock, anything goes! The project’s roots date back to 2012. Back then, Will relocated to a small town, meaning that he found it quite difficult to find band members to practice with regularly. Instead of giving up, he turned to the internet to find valuable collaborators, and he connected with fellow artists as diverse as Ivy Marie, Jena Jones (a former band-mate in Fieldcrest), and Julian Michael.


Our latest release "If Only for a Little While" is out April 16th and features the talented Jodie Reid.


Drawing on Scars music has an aggressive edge to it, but it’s also quite melodic and textural, combining soothing landscapes with hard-hitting riffs. Fans of artists such as Paramore, Filter, Hum, or Staind will certainly connect with this artist’s vision! Find out more about Drawing on Scars and listen to their music. https://drawingonscars.bandcamp.com/


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