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Dusty Grant

Dusty Grant is an acoustic singer/songwriter from Wichita, KS that plays dark acoustic rock music. Grant is continuously striving to write, record, and play shows as much as possible. In March of 2019, Grant released his debut EP, “Trapped Here”.

"There’s a somber intensity to Grant’s voice that comes across as intrepid pertinacity that might be considered ruthlessness. He’s examining his life and his feelings with ruthless honesty. And that makes for a powerful, emotionally stirring song." - Huffington Post

Since childhood, Grant was always obsessed with music, but it was not until his college years that he got a taste of writing, recording, and performing his own original pieces. Since then, he has learned to play various instruments and has never stopped working on improving as a musician and bringing new ideas to life. Employing a straightforward approach for his solo work, Grant draws inspiration from the ups and downs life throws at you using lyrics as a vehicle for catharsis. Placing emphasis on content and songwriting, Grant showcases honest, memorable hooks and melodies ranging from uplifting to tormenting and everything in-between.

Grant released 4 of his own songs in 2017 and began gigging locally and regionally. Building on that success for 2018, Grant stepped up his game and released two new singles, "All Crashed Down" and "Done So Much" in accordance with visually stunning music videos complete with story-line and performances. Grant also increased his bookings playing 40 shows in 6 states and completing his first tour in ‘18. In 2019, Grant kicked off the year by releasing the popular single “All the Good Times” and his debut EP “Trapped Here” which was selected as one of the top local/regional releases by NPR/KMUW 89.3FM. In late 2019, Grant released his latest single “The Jester” and continued to build his tour resume. In early 2020, Grant released his most popular single, “Up From Here”. To date, Grant has played 70+ shows in 7 states in three short years as a DIY solo act and has accumulated over 100,000 streams on Spotify, as well as 72,000 views on YouTube. Keep your eye out for a show in your area as well as new music releases!

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Dusty Grant
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