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I make noises.


I'm experimental, I go wherever noise and thoughts take me, I need to hear something over and over again occasionally causing my own severe ear fatigue. I start something I find hard to put down and sleep Is secondary, although It can and will get the better of me leaving me a pile of person on my desk, drooling Ideas out as I attempt to keep the memory in my head alive. There are times that my enthusiasm turns to hatred, especially if i can't seem to get anything right. I've been through, and am going through a lot In life, maybe my emotions get thrown into my work without my knowledge, and If that happens let's hope I make it worth while. I'm comlicated, a rubix cube of confusion, with the colours being my own scattered ideas and personalities.

It all started, when I attempted to prove to myself that I could do It, I played the guitar before this, who knew I'd absolutely 180 myself?



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