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Ed Corrado

Ed Corrado is a professional musician with a very diverse background, a passion for telling stories and connecting with people through his songs.


This Canadian artist has been performing for decades now. He has the opportunity to share the stage and work with a wide variety of musicians. His sound could be compared to the work of iconic bands such as The Clash, the Beatles, as well as Pink Floyd, only to mention but a few. His music reflects the combination of powerful lyrics with astonishing melodic hooks and beautifully recorded instrumentals that speak to the audience. Ed Corrado took a break from the music industry in the early 90s, but it didn't take very long for the calling to lure him back in. Today, he is an active musician and constantly perfecting his unique style of rock 'n' roll music. What makes Ed Corrado stand out is the unique quality of his voice, which is melodic yet raspy and characterful, like a prized cask of perfectly aged whiskey. His timbre perfectly matches the hard-hitting instrumentals and the authenticity of his songwriting.

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Ed Corrado