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Electric Mud

Enter the inner world of Electric Mud:

Due to the international success of their 2020 double album "quiet days on earth", Nico Walser and Hagen Bretschneider decided to expand the previous duo studio project with additional creatives. Cinematic Prog Artis what the six makers of the brand new “the inner world outside” album now call their style.

With the German-English film composer and conductor David Marlow they expand their symphonic approach, with theoretical physicist “Timoog” Timo Aspelmeier they add a Canterbury touch among some others. On violins, violas and cellos they could engage Judith Retzlik. Photographer Andrea Weiß strengthens the team with her visual ideas and digital art.

With their work the Germany-based Electric Mud point a magnifying glass at topics like isolation, social change and escapism. They are already working on thefollow-up album “the outer world inside”, which will be thematically directly linked to the new album, taking a different look at the music of "the inner world outside".


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