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eLxAr Productions is a music, art and game creation project out of Italy. It’s made up of "L" - a pianist, composer, pixel artist and game designer and "A" - an artist, poet and singer.


The collective creates intricate synthscapes, writes beautiful melodies and tells stories through music and sound.


Their compositional approach results in music that is richly layered, emotionally powerful and full of complex interactions between melody and harmony. They skilfully utilize their sonic palette to create pieces that range from tremulous fragility to rougher-edged sounds and from energetic dynamism to aching sadness.


Their skill in weaving detailed sonic tapestries allows them to fully explore diverse soundscapes and imbue them with life and energy.


eLxAr always keeps emotion at the heart of their music. The use their musical talents to give full power to human feelings whether they are painful or triumphant. Their musical approach utilizes their nuanced and luscious synth palette to capture and deliver all of the intense sensations that come with living life and experiencing all of its highs and lows.


Their music production skills always serve the emotive nature of their creative expression.


Bio written by Karl Magi

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