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Engines Made From Soup

Engines Made From Soup are originally from Merseyside, UK and comprise of :

Gareth Cross 'Crossy' - Lead Vocals

Gareth Evans 'Evo' - Keyboards & Backing Vocals

Stephen Spencer 'Ste'- Guitars

Forthcoming single ‘The Lemming Trail’ due for release on 16-Sep-22 is their best work yet and this release precedes the release of their forthcoming album ‘Contact’ later in 2022.

'This single is musically rich. It has a classic soft indie sound that allows all instruments room in the mix.’ ‘This song is telling a story, and it does it well. It's got melody, hooks, and a nice solo.’ ‘A song with the classic property of being vague enough that it will seem very specific to everyone who hears it.’ Source: Phonotonal

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Engines Made From Soup