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Following November's English-language single “Let The People Talk”.

2022, Fabyán now has another hit in his luggage!

The new single will be released on January 6, 2023


so it's already the 6th single that the newcomer has released.

In principle, Schlager music was never planned by the music producer

Fabyán, who mainly under the stage name “DJ Don Fabyo” various

electronic songs like chillout, trance, techno, ect. published.

His best friend has the debut single from 2021 “No Man for a Night”.

Lucas Cordalis produces…

It was actually just a small one back then Experiment, says Fabyán.

But shortly after, Fabyán took a keen interest in it

Producing and writing lyrics for Schlager & Pop songs... He liked it too

not difficult, since Fabyán grew up with the German Schlager.

Schlager music has accompanied him his whole life.

However, Fabyán doesn't put any pressure on himself during the production!

For the time being it will only remain a project where fun is the main focus.

That's why he doesn't stick too tightly to the rules in the production of

pop music. He says himself that his songs are very experimental.

This is particularly noticeable in the various versions that he has of one

song mixes. That's why there are 3 versions of the new song again.

The new single “PENG BUMS AUS DIE MAUS” is out on January 6th, 2022

Available on all known streaming and download platforms.

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