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Fast Cakes

John Hodgson has been making music under the Fast Cakes moniker since 2006, having previously been in a variety of bands including Blitzkrieg Bop (1977-79), Basczax (1979-80), Makaton Chat (1980-86), as well as other projects such as The Gynaecologists, Viva La Diva and The Skydaddies. The first Fast Cakes album emerged in 2010 (LIVEYOUNGDIEFAST), featuring all original material except covers of "Not Fade Away" (Buddy Holly) and "To Try For The Sun" (Donovan), this was followed in 2012 by "Call Off The Dogs", and in 2014 by the autobiographical themed "Lifestory". After a four year gap the fourth Fast Cakes album has finally been released on the 18th June 2018. Called "When You Die You Dream Forever" it deals with the concept of mortality as well as subjects such as Trump and the refugee crisis. He is joined on the new album by Nev Reed, who supplies some well needed guitars to compliment the layers of keyboards and synths that is the signature sound of Fast Cakes. Only three months later at the end of August 2018 John rush released a new Fast Cakes album, "Piano Peace" a 34 track chillout album featuring solo piano tunes intended to be listened at lower volume as an aid to relaxation, contemplation, and daydreaming. The official website covering all of John's previous bands is at www.blitzkriegbop.info

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Fast Cakes