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Faustbot is a solo synthpunk/new wave project, born out of a one-two punch of getting laid off and injuring a guitar finger. Synthesizer blasts and surf rock guitars punctuate rapid fire lyrics teetering between brutal honesty and bizarre fiction. With influences like The Faint and Polysics, Devo and Gary Numan, punk rock and prog rock, new wave and surf, Faustbot creates music at once familiar and entirely new, a combination of disparate styles culminating into a unique whole!


Mike started playing guitar at age 10 and seriously writing music at 18. He has been recording music off and on for about 4 years, speeding up in 2020 to release two full length albums (available at and a host of one-off songs on SoundCloud, and is currently working on a new wave EP about Cold War era CIA operations.



I am looking to start a mixing and mastering service, and am offering 3 songs free per band/artist in exchange for reviews as an introductory offer! Contact me for details.

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