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Fedysound offers a unique blend of alternative and progressive rock. With influences ranging from Soundgarden to Rush, A Perfect Circle and Tool, Mark Grider is the creative force behind this one-man music project based in Southern California. Focused on capturing and conveying the emotional essence of the song, Fedbysound explores topics that consume a contemplative mind. Producing a modern sound that is reminiscent of, while expanding upon, the rock of the 1990s, Fedbysound's guitar-laden tracks transport the listener with engaging riffs and rich, often atmospheric, melodies. Mark uses his baritone vocals to enhance the mood of his music, often changing his timbre to fit the emotion of the song. This soundscape is driven by a rhythm section that features active, integral bass lines and prominent, intricate drum parts.

Fedbysound released its first three singles at the end of 2019, followed up by an additional single in the spring of 2020, all of which were part of the debut album, Resonate, released in July of 2020. "I Will Never," the first single of the second album, was released in September of 2020, quickly becoming their top performing song. That single was followed up by the second full album, Imperfect, released in November of 2020. Voted "Artist of The Week" on SLERadio.com in November, Fedbysound continues to gain momentum, winning over fans with sincerity and a passion for making music that resonates deeply with thoughtful, caring humans.

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