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Fifth Essence

  1. Fifth Essence is a Brazilian alternative rock band formed in 2020 by singer and songwriter Virgínia Takai and multi instrumentalist, composer and producer Edu Caldeira.
  2. Initially they both started writing songs and producing together in their home studio during the pandemic period.
  3. With lyrics related to deep feelings and overcoming, accompanied by a conceptual sound with cinematographic elements combined with heavy rock, the band has the proposal to create unique environments generating an immersive experience for its audience.
  4. The first single from the band White Rabbit was released in May 2021, and was composed by the vocalist in the form of tribute to the death of a friend named Justin Lassen who would be part of the general production.
  5. Currently Virginia Takai and Edu Caldeira are working on their conceptual EP with experience in Virtual Reality called Digital Garbage, which will tell the story of a character who lost her 5 human senses and feelings until she became a machine.
  6. The release of the EP is scheduled for the second half of

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