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Fishing4Compliments is a five piece indie/folk band based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire in the UK. The band was created by singer-songwriter Eileen who wanted to develop her songs written mainly as a way to cope with life. The addition of all the individual members of the band resulted in some magic happening and the songs became catchy and often described as uplifting with a distinct 'Fishing' sound. We have been playing our music in various venues and as part of various festivals for over 10 years and we have enjoyed an array of quirky gigs including playing our local music train on several occassions. In April 2020 we released our debut album 'Off The Isle Of Somewhere' an 11 track album which was produced, mixed and mastered and features additional programming and backing vox by The Dunwells. The album was created mainly for posterity and to have CDs to hand at live gigs when people asked us about our music and we had loads of fun making this record of our journey together with the songs. As the world changed we have had to change our focus and are enjoying getting our music out there as much as possible via online radio, gigs, streaming services and other such opportunities. Last year we were lucky to be nominated within the category of best Folk/Acoustic Act as part of the Wigwam Online Radio Awards 2020 and while we did not go on to win an award it certainly helped us to keep the faith in our music. Our main hope is that people all over the world may find some enjoyment and peace in listening to our music during these difficult times and we greatly look forward to sharing them live again and making more music when the times allow.

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