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Indipendent Project from Aachen, Düren, Germany

Electronic Music with Soul

Eight brand new Songs in 6 Month – going on and on.

At Festivals and many live Gigs in several Punk – and Indiebands

The Guitarist / Synthyprogrammer Angelo Scheidig and the

Singer / Bassist Andreas Mettlach got to known each other.

TheirWays crossed again when they worked in the same Indie Clubs

As DJ. When Angelo in 2005 started a Studio Project with the former

Producer JL, they invited to an Audition Fleshtronic

Was born. Then real life with Kids, Cats and Chaos made us split up after2 Years.

2019 – (kids grown up Cats dead) The Reunion.

JL retired and quitted the Project, but still plays Guitar on

Most of our Tracks.

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