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The musical duo FRACKMART hail from Scotland and Germany. They bring 80's electro vibe right to the 20's. Their love of electro sound comes from growing up listening to 80's music like Duran Duran, Peter Schilling, Kraftwerk, Schiller, VNV Nation and Depeche Mode.


Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran is one of Martin's musical heroes and this is reflected in the sounds of many of the different synths that can be heard in FRACKMART's music, including many different Roland synths and sounds. FRACKMART songs mostly contain English and German lyrics, to reflect both countries and cultures the boys hail from.


FRACKMART released their debut album "FrackMart" in August 2020, they released two singles from their debut album, "Berlin After Dark" and "Neon Augen" along with the video single "Pretty Whore". The band then went on to release a stand alone Christmas single, "Christmas Without You" in December 2020. They released their album “Dirty Disco” in March 2021 and the boys released, no fewer than, 6 singles from the now classic album.


But the music has not stopped there! 'Glasgow Kiss', along with the video was released in May, followed in June by the truly fantastic 'Juno', in June 2021. July has now seen the band release their 'Liquitronik EP', a 5 track EP featuring a diverse collection of songs, grom the dark and brooding 'Liquitronik' to the futuristic film score music of 'Another Life, Another World' and 'Dystopia'.


August 2021 sees the boys release Pretty Whore (remix) as a taster for their expanded album Dirty Disco - The Disco Ball Edition, which includes all the 2021 singles.


FRACKMART flew to Berlin to film their new video for their song Liquitronik in March 2022.

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