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Fratelli Stellari

  1. Fratelli Stellari (Italian expression for Star Brothers) are a group of musician and cabaret artists based in Italy (Florence and Turin). According to some rumours, all of them are of alien origin (coming from Orion's Belt), but they make use of pseudonyms and disguises to hide among the earthlings.
  2. They experience various genres of music: EDM, ethnic, disco, pop, funk. The founders of the group are DJoNemesis and Dorien Dorion, but every now and then musical or photographic performances are organized and different people take part in, so we can say it is an open group... open to new aliens arriving on the planet!
  3. Fratelli Stellari pay attention to their look and often appear in space costumes; sometimes their song lyrics are humour-oriented; various vocalists can be involved on different tracks. Other representative members are Stella Demaris, DJ Vequine (The Old Lady of Vinegar), Mauna Ki and Marine Sirène.
  4. Fratelli Stellari usually record at two studios, one in Florence and the other in Turin: Pleyad Studios, which is also the name of their discographic label.
  5. The group has published two books written in Italian: "Dall'Egitto con Furore" ("From Egypt with Fury") and "50 Sfumature di Alieno" ("50 Shades of Alien"); the publisher is Youcanprint.

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