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Brian Gallagher has been a songwriter/guitarist from Montreal, Canada for many many years and has independently released 8 albums to date:

  1. Happenstance 2011
  2. Rain (Happenstance) 2012
  3. Everything Changes (Happenstance) 2015
  4. As The Crow Flies (As The Crow Flies) 2016 (collaboration with 2 U.S.artists)
  5. Gallagher (self-titled solo album) 2017
  6. A Simple Plan (Gallagher Ford Thompson) 2019
  7. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, and all the days in between (Gallagher 2nd solo album) released June 2020
  8. An Ordinary Guy 2022

All albums since the 2015 release have been recorded, engineered and mastered at his own “Farmboy” studio just outside Montreal.

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