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Gillian Heidi

Gillian Heidi pulls you into her stories and takes you to a place full of emotion and feeling. When she sings about the loss of a special friendship, she recalls missing her “smile full of sunshine and eyes full of light” and she captures the essence of the feeling in the lyrics “I don’t miss you, but I miss what it felt like.” And in the song Player, she offers a warning to girls who think that they can tame the bad boy. Words of power, vulnerability and self-doubt pour from this 15-year-old.

Fans see her as a blend of Colbie Caillat, Camila Cabello and early Taylor Swift. An odd mix that magically works. Sweetness stirred together with intelligence, edge and angst.

Producer Patrick Hanlin says, “Artists decades older wish that they could craft lyrics as insightful and moving.” Listening will transport you to another time in life.

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Gillian Heidi