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Gregory Kemmis

Gregory W. Kemmis is an American Singer/Songwriter and Independent Filmmaker.

Born on May 15, 1985, and surrounded by a diverse range of genres growing up,
Kemmis began his journey towards songwriting at 17 years old (one year before he graduated from Snohomish High School; a proud Panther Alumni from the Class of 2003).


Towards the beginning of his career, he’d written over 36 compositions by the end of the 2003/2004 era.

With his first composition, entitled “One By One, Two By Two”, he had made a decision to change others' lives through independent thinking, music and several different productions.


Kemmis also had a talent for video editing/production from a young age. During the years of analog Television broadcasts, he explored the beginning stages of Video Remastering, Disc Authoring & Subtitling.


During his 13 years of college education, (from 2004 – 2017), Kemmis had already enhanced his knowledge regarding law, sciences, and technology, however, he knew his calling remained in the Media Arts & Entertainment industries.


In 2016, he had taken on significant roles, as a new founder of his own Non-Profit Organization emphasizing the importance of analyzing films for a more intellectual message, then spreading those words to members of the public.


Hoping to reach a wider audience range, Kemmis directed his own drama-documentary film series, entitled “The One By One Documentaries” on behalf of his organization, Substitute Substandards Inc.


After three more years, Kemmis had chosen to continue pursuing music as his career choice. While remaining a member of TuneCore Inc., he distributed most of his previous lyrical compositions throughout three separate albums.

His debut album, “One By One, Two By Two” was released on February 5, 2017… consisting of songs he’d written during his high school years.


His second album, “Exchange” was released on May 15, 2017… which introduced many more original songs, while retaining his ability to free-write and record his tracks at the same time.

This album also introduced the song, “Black Talking”, to the public… a meaningful hit addressing negative media and how to identify solutions towards it.


His third album, “Opportunity Awaits Us”, was released on July 4, 2017… and introduced a hit about appreciating the sacrifices American heroes have made for the United States of America. This song, “Red, White & Blue: (4th of July)”, only complimented his purpose for writing music, in addition to releasing the last of his high school compositions.


Kemmis also composed a single, called “Knock Me Down”, releasing the Single Album on October 31, 2017. This song has great meaning to the artist, as it was a song about self-reflection, strength, and vulnerability through life experience.


Gregory Kemmis was signed to LiquidSound Records LLC, as a Recording Artist with a full-scale music management contract; it lasted about 1 year.


Kemmis presently works as a recording artist and A&R representative for a Canadian music startup, Boost Collective, as of August 2022.


Today, while he distributes many more songs during his lifetime and wishes to impact audiences worldwide, his main abilities are to write meaningful lyrics while specializing in the R&B/Pop-Soul genres, while maintaining a unique ability to tell stories of his own.

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Gregory Kemmis