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Gsus SG

Murcian guitarist (Spain) since he was 9 years old, Gsus has an absolute dedication to music and specifically to the electric guitar.
Creator of bands like Presence, with which he won different competitions, including the Wolfest 2012 festival in the Sala Gamma in Murcia, and later won the award for best national guitarist. unanimously by the jury at the Wolfest 2012 festival on the Riviera in Madrid.

Member of bands like Vacio, Inner Zest or Hard Love, with whom he performs various concerts and tours nationally.

After a long time forming and being part of different bands, he began production work, which led him to 2020 conceiving an album with the collaboration of different singers and other musicians that was released on September 28.

The album is titled Cloverfield, it contains thirteen songs of which six are instrumental, and seven are sung by Hytham Martin (Dublin) and Chris Mittler (Germany); two of them are versions.
It also has the collaboration to the bass of Rubén Caravaca.

The album is composed and produced by Gsus SG, in Gnia studios.

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Gsus SG