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Haitian Doll

Haitian Doll is a volcano! Been the mouth since a child, so different that her mom jokes about her being switched at birth. Sings and dances everywhere and Music makes her whole. Some of her top influencers are; Left Eye, Missy Elliott, Eve, Lil’Kim, Britney, MJ, Shakira, Daddy Yankee, Celia, and let’s not forget the Haitian roots. Haitian Doll music style is new and ambiguous because she believes that music is freedom. Her music is lively and outspoken. Her vision is that music becomes incorporated in everyday activities everywhere, because when things get tough for her, music is her fix. She strives to unlock everyone’s inner “Haitian Doll”. Trap, rap, pop, rnb, reggaeton, Afro/island sounds is only the tip of the iceberg as she plans to embody many more genres to cater to the world’s need for universal connections through music. Her Motto is “WHY STOP AT THE SKY, LET’S GO BEYOND!!!”

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Haitian Doll