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Holy Gangsta

The True to Life Story of Holy Gangsta aka Jovon Green.

Hi, i just want to share with you all that one of the happiest moments in my life is when i met stevie wonder he is awesome! i was 8 years old i didnt want his autograph i just wanted to meet him and give him a hug lol any way im in music mainly becuase i was inspired by stevie wonder i my mom and dad are still alive and i love all my family and friends dearly tho i treat every based on how they treat me or act some what i am a real trooper with those who care about me. anyway i recently got really good at music like the video talking about how dmx found his music star i have found mine and its my own unique sinature and sound i hope you all like it cuz i mostly make music for all ages and im a role model while i am a music artist i am decidedly not a christian artist and i do music based on what i love and feel is right i dont swear in my music but im not will smith. while i don't agree with making dirty music. I grew up on it and listen to clean music almost any kind i can get if i like and love it. i pretty much got a holy Jesus and Enoch mix freestlye flow lol. I just want to make clean music that anyone can jam too.

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Holy Gangsta