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Honey Bee and the Suffering Fools

Since Elvis and Anne Margret hit it off on the las vegas strip we have been along for the ride. We are talking the black and white showreels of the vegas of old, rat pack and all. So we bring you the honey trap, we all know it. Separating the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff that magic spark that enters your orbit and turns your world upside down. That intoxicating spirit that comes from no where, divinely distracts and takes you on a journey no sober minded judge would allow. You cant blame yourself, you never had a chance from the beginning, nobody does. Before you know it it you're doing more twists and turns than a circus contortionist. We took it upon ourselves to get it all down on tape as maybe a learning lesson but at the end of the day we are all just fools for love. One minute your living your life like your were meant to do the next moment you're part of a swarm building a a nest, don't try to fight it. Join the Hive and protect the Queen!

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