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House of Seb

  1. House of Seb is a French Electronic Music Producer located in South of France. Born near Belgium, he felt in love with music at a very young age. His journey evolved naturally, leading him to the House Music sound.Since then he developed himself and has been constantly working on innovative electronic music.
  2. End of 80's, HOS's first influence were developed in clubs. The NewBeat movement was spread everywhere in clubs, and the biggest "Boccaccio Life" in Destelbergen was a huge source of inspiration. HOS was totally immersed within this new style of music.
  3. Frankie Knuckles,Mike Dunn,Jamie Principle, were the main artists that HOS listened in loop during a decade, and still today as references.
  4. HOS started to produce first music pieces with a small computer when he was student; Later he had the opportunity to perform a Chicago trip and meet the Chicago House Music.
  5. The first release was distributed in may 2020, named "Departure" like a start in the music production. He decided then to generate messages with new vibes, including them into thematic tracks. ​
  6. His smooth production style is both highly distinctive and deeply rooted in the culture.Let's all get carried away by House of Seb !

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