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iAAk are John, David & Will.

We are John (lead guitar & vocals), Will (bass) and David (drums). We are an established power trio from Keighley with an overwhelming desire to play with intensity, moving people both inwardly and on the dance floor. You can find us at Jam on Top studios playing it loud, both in rehearsals, jamming and collaborating as we work together on new material. We play our own, particular brand of hard-edged rock, infused with punk to convey our experiences of relationships, society, love and excess. Together we have developed our style to be the unique sound that comes across strongly in our music, from heart felt rock ballard-esque tracks to the tracks that showcase our heavier side, complete with drum solo! Our musical influences are eclectic and are a fusion of genres. We have grown up surrounded by musical influences, listening to music has always been and always is a constant. We play our own originals and process covers in our deadly, bespoke noise factory, always keeping it loud and energetic. As a band we think outside of the box when it comes to covers. We are constantly evolving and developing new material, and nothing thrills us more than the prospect of playing to crowds of fellow music lovers. We recently released our debut album “Half Step Down” across all platforms. Work has already begun on material for our next album and we are planning to head back into the studio at the end of the year.

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