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Ian Krochak

Ian Krochak is a country music singer-songwriter from Niverville, Manitoba, Canada.


Coming from a musical family, Ian fondly recalls as a kid sitting around on a Friday night listening to country and folk classics on his parent’s old stereo record player. “It was a big part of my memory growing up. Music represents stories and family for me, a place of comfort and a sense of home.”


Drawn to the stories often country music will tell, Ian’s music reflects a passion for life and paints a colorful picture of all ups and downs across this canvas we call living.

Ian's first EP entitled, My Many Faces, was produced by Juno award winning producer Danny Patton at Airwaves Recording Studios in Calgary, Alberta.

After a lengthy break from the music industry to establish a family and professional career, Ian's is back with pen and guitar in and hand crafting new songs. Ian has been working with famed producer Len Milne at Bedside Studios, Winnipeg, Manitoba, with new music set drop in the spring and summer of 2020.

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Ian Krochak