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Israel Roig

Israel Roig is a composer based in the province of Zaragoza, in Spain. He composes, performs and produces his songs by himself, without the help of any other human being, in his home studio.


At least, this was the case until the publication of the single “Nobody knows anything” on June 10, 2021, since this work, which is the presentation single of the album “When is Rock'n'Roll? the first in which the artist interprets his songs with the help of two ex-members of the rock band of his youth, Carlos Gómez “El Muchacho” on drums and Fernando Rossi on bass.


He prefers to be heard on digital platforms, but if you want to buy or download his music or simply obtain more information, you can access his official website available at https://israelroig.es .


When asked about what kind of music he makes, he answers with the same irony that his lyrics give off: "I'm not sure if my music is rock, pop or indie. I just make songs and enjoy it. I hope you enjoy it too".


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