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As a producer who's worked with many ` talented and uniquely

gifted people, I have been able to graciously adapt and learn from all

of them - some truly amazing artists and musicians alike.

i have come to find out that i have this compulsion.

When it happens, I can’t help myself. I automatically begin

converting boring to brilliant. Innocuous to innovative.

Cringeworthy to credible. Insipid to inspired...

& Ive formulated my life around album release cycles.

The process goes around and around and around

and keeps getting faster... while im getting

older and slower. But, I still find myself to be awfully

handsome! …. Though…. lonesome ?

I thrive on polishing prose /eradicating repetition/

serving up swells. I revel in making things sound indifferent/

inconsistent - or else - sensible/sexual & if all else fails...

contradict-oral/morale/ more historical, writing/freestyling,

playing/programming, recording/reciting, mixing/mastering,

extracting/re-tracking, and.... (Perfect timing) relaxing.


compiling/profiling, designing/organizing, AND… unwinding…


packaging/interacting, releasing/teasing/sneak-peaking.


If unsure of things, I try researching things just to

learn of things... these kinds of things being:

marketing/publicizing, socializing/subsidizing,

+ providing a showcase/fan gate/link gate/click bate/play rate/roll play - oh my!


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