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James Henry

My name is James Henry. I’m a songwriter, singer, guitarist and producer. I was born in Liverpool but now live in London. I’ve been writing and performing for over twenty years. As an independent musician, I have released two albums (‘Sweetener” and “Overspill”), two singles and two full-length videos (“The Sun Is Cracking The Flags” and “Don’t Let It Happen”). All are on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and many other online platforms. My music has similarities with The Beatles, The Pretenders, Squeeze, James Taylor, Frank Zappa, Gilbert O’Sullivan, 10cc, ELO, Weezer and The Kinks. I have a new album planned for release in early 2021, entitled “Pluck”, with a new single “A Girl Like You”. The new material is more ”Guitar-Heavy” than previous recordings - I hope you get a chance to hear some of it and enjoy it.

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James Henry
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