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Jayman Comino

Jayman Comino is a musician, composer and a piano performer who found inspiration for his music in the oniric scenery of North Wales with it’s natural Versatile and proficient in a variety of styles, his beloved Blues always held a privileged position within his heart.


Jayman  was born in the coastal historical Spanish City of Tarragona.

Self-taught keyboard and piano player, at the age of 18 started to work as a musical entertainer in a variety of coastal resorts.

Jayman has traveled the world working on Cruise Ships and in luxury hotels. In his early 20’s he was frequently hired to play at the celebrity parties in Marbella, which included famous actors and royalties.

Music is his passion but his heart was stolen by his Celtic princess (!) and relocated to North Wales in 2013 where he continues to perform and compose. His single Jaunty Affairs is a danceable instrumental song a fusion between Dance and Blues music, that was created to celebrate those enjoyable things in life that make us happy.

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Blues From a New Perspective

  1. Generating a New Form of Blues

One of my first love in music was the Blues. And also one of the first musics I tried to play .

Mi initial interpretations of blues, were very basic but at the same time very pure in the sense that the only scale used was the pentatonic,twelve bars structure, an intense desire, and a solid nothing else.

During my whole life as a performer, I have performed a wide variety of   genres but the one  I think can still get the best of me, is without any doubts my old friend The Blues.

I’m currently making an  Album that is tribute to the music that made me into a musician and is trying to reflect  different angles to my beloved blues

Some of the compositions included in this album  deviated  from the original and standard structure of blues, and generated a sort of New Subgenre.

All of them started like an improvisation.



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Jayman Comino