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My Artist name is Jbnija, I am from Bayelsa State southern Nigeria.

As a musician, I am a studio engineer, as well as a sound producer, I play the piano but my primary instrument is my vocal Chord (which I have perfected in practice to a certain extent), my main genres are Afrobeat, R&B/hip-hop and soul music, and my sub genres are Dance and electronic music. I have consciously been cloning music since I was 7years old and decided to take it on a  more professional stance in the year 2009. my kind of music was influenced by the likes of Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Micheal Bolton, Byran Adams, Micheal Jackson, Shania Twain, Jay Z and most recently Carrie Cleveland. 

I have composed about a hundred and fifty songs, most not yet released and I have also been in collaborations with a lot of great Artists from my part of the Niger.

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