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Joe Pops Bredow

Joe Pops Bredow


Joe "Pops" Bredow ( pronounced Bray-Dough)

Is a singer, songwriter and a musician from Flint Michigan in the U.S.A.

His musical styles are Funky Rock, Blue Eyed Soul and Classical R&B.

Joe "Pops" has been a Featured Artist on many radio internet stations and his songs have held #1 and top 10 positions as well.

He writes, performs, sings, records, mixes and produces all of his music.

He currently has 5 EP's out

("Flintown Mojo", "Sass!!", "Need For Passion", "You Ain't Seen Nothin' " and "WHAT THA!!?") and are available on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon and all major internet retail music outlets.


You can hear his music on Spotify, iHeart Radio, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Hearo FM, Slacker Radio, and many more.

To find where you can get and listen to his music, and find out more about Joe, just Google Joe Pops Bredow.


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