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John Warwick

From the urban Streets of East London, a Singer/Songwriter & Musician with a fusion of colourful sound, British Alternative Rock & Folk.

The first time John heard ‘Blackbirds’ by the Beatles he knew he wanted to write melodies so taught himself the guitar. But that wasn’t until first teaching himself the drums as a teenager, living in the East end of London in the mid 1990’s.

John attributes his very inquisitive mind in part to his dyslexia. If he heard a tune, he would immediately want to know everything about it, who the musician was and who influenced them. This took him down a path of musical discovery which lead him back to the Blues.

Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Arranged, and Producer.

This song is called “Art & War”, it my album called kaleidoscope Mind 

Released 31st May 2019 – on “Kaleidoscope Mind”

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