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Johnny Poe

Hi there Folks!

I'm Johnny Poe, songwriter, guitarist and a singer. I was born in Poland, emigrated to UK and now living in N.Ireland. After few years break from playing music, it has called upon me once again. Two years ago I have decided to start my own project - Myself playing as 'JohnnyPoe' in the studio. It was a challenge for me to sing rather than scream as in my younger years I played heavy music, I grew up on punk rock, trash and hardcore. In 90's I fell in love with grunge. My influences included Pear Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana.

But, now I want to slow down. Currently I have finished recording my first album which is called 'When My World Falls', which consists of 8 songs telling about my life and love.

You can follow 'Johnny Poe' on all Social Media platforms to stay up to date with what I'm releasing, show all the support and love!!!

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Johnny Poe