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Julie Hanney

Julie Hanney is an Oregon based pianist who composes and performs music that is unique, emotional and invokes a deep sense of peace. Her grandmother was a piano teacher who introduced Julie to the piano at the age of five. This sparked a passion for music and she began writing her own music just a few years later. Over the years Julie has had a varied career in music including playing professionally, teaching piano, directing choirs and composing/arranging music for a variety of instruments and ensembles including the Jones Road String Quartet, the Bend Cello Collective, the Gospel Choir of the Cascades and other school, church and community choirs and groups.


Her piano compositions have been described as peaceful, yet intriguing. One reviewer said she is "a delightful combination of George Winston meets Erik Satie." This truly compliments Julie's ability to compose and perform music that both inspires and soothes. Her style exists between the categories of new age, contemporary classical, relaxing jazz and romantic.


Heart Dance Records is releasing Julie's newest album titled Where the Ocean Meets the Sky in January 2021. Julie's intention is that these songs impart a sense of rest, wonder, peace and healing. Her previous albums Painting in Sound and A Peace-Filled Christmas have been heard around the world on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora. A Peace-Filled Christmas was nominated for Holiday Album of the Year on SoloPiano.com.


Receiving her formal music education at the University of Oregon, Julie focused her studies on piano and composition. She then studied composition at the graduate level before beginning her professional career as a musician. 


Julie regularly gives concerts and created a series of "Peace Through Music" concerts with other musical artists. When not making music she enjoys kayaking, camping, playing with her dogs, reading, writing and exploring the world.

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Julie Hanney
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