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  1. Kambridge is a Detroit Michigan based original Hard Rock Band. The band consist of vocalist and guitarist James Combs with influences like Alterbridge and Alice In Chains. Paul Severson on guitar influenced by guitar gods Zakk and Dime . Chuck Weber on Drums with influences Like Led Zepplin and Rush . Mike Craycraft on bass with influences like Black Sabbath and Zakk Wyldes BLS.
  2. We are just all working class guys who love to play music. We are working hard to bring something solid and raw back to hard rock and metal and were not trying to be anybody else we are doing it Kambridges way everything we do we do ourselves from recording, videos, pictures, promoting, booking, we are a self contained unit on our own independent label. We recently released our first Ep "Butterfly Effect" and is being digitally distributed through Cdbaby and all major digital music market places with your help and support  we hope to take Kambridge to the next level. We thank our fans few may they be without them we are nothing and we want nothing more than to be one of your favorite bands!
  3. You can check us out on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Kambridgeband/


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