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Kenzy Dubreas


Born in Paris, Kenzy Dubreas is a singer-songwriter from the French West Indies on the island of Martinique.
Born of a driver and a nurse, he grew up in Garges-les-Gonesse, a suburb of Paris.

At the age of 8, Kenzy discovered music in a very original way: he was a child with an afro haircut and tinted glasses. He looked a lot like Michael Jackson in the Five Five era. The strangers in the street always complimented his mother for the resemblance with which he looked like Michael Jackson. Coincidentally, his father, a collector of vinyls, gave him a gift, a vinyl Jackson collector’s vinyl from 1984 and the story began. Kenzy discovered this R & B Funk Pop mix. Like many artists around the world he will be very influenced by this King of Pop music.

Very young he will listen to adult music, in his father’s old cupboards, he will find vinyls, great American and French artists of the time of his father of all kinds, he will be a fan of music of all styles .

As a teenager, he started singing in his neighborhood with his friends, he will be influenced by American and French hip hop culture, and he also starts listening to pop electronic music. He will also become a composer and he will buy his first synthesizer piano. Accompanied by Alain Arcizet, a French representative who will later become his agent, he sings in the bars of Paris and this is noticed by Parisian listeners. His early music style was Funky Pop very rare for a French singer, a unique genre.

At that time, he composed songs, but had great difficulty in breaking into the main French market in this style of music. So he sang other genres.
He sends models to record companies and French radios, but all doors will be closed. However, a large record company will recognize his talent, but will explain that it is not suited to the market.
It was sometimes very discouraging, Kenzy stopped making music for two years, but he had resumed his passion for music very quickly.

Subsequently, he recorded the song “Heat in the skin” and published it on Myspace with other songs. His music has been noticed on the Internet, notably by Shawn Jackson, Michael Jackson’s first cousin. This meeting motivated and encouraged Kenzy to continue his musical journey. He also met Linda de Suza, a well-known and famous singer in Europe, who gave her a lot of artistic advice. He decides to modernize his music he progresses and works a lot.

After several years of experience, Kenzy decides to become independent and has created his own label Alnitak-Records, he composes his own music that mixes several Pop electro sound and other musical genre, he mixes the modern and old styles. The public discovers it all over the world thanks to social networks. Things went very quickly, he decided to modernize his style and this launches into the more modern Pop Synth style with his personality. In 2019 he will be discovered on a compilation in Europe Walking Away Summer Pop Dance that brings together many artists worldwide his title will be very popular for the public. Become also a true composer, he prepares new projects with several titles Pop very original synth.

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Kenzy Dubreas