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Kid Norkjen

  1. Kid Norkjen write music inspired by the great songwriters in the 60s -70s – 80s. Retro rock. He lives in Norway and records in Nashville. He used to be in a Norwegian band called “The Steps” who made 3 albums and 3 singles in the 80s. He wrote all the songs. Some with his brother who played piano-keyboard in the band. They wrote more than 300 songs that was written down in the “Great songbook”. Some of this songs were recorded in his 2019 album “Into the vault”.
  2. They also made some film instrumental music to TV including for NRK (the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation), and video films in Norway.
  3. Since 2015 he has made 4 solo albums: ”The Nashville Sessions” , “This is me”,
  4. “The Journey” and “Into the vault”.
  5. New retro rock –pop album called “Time is now” will be released in April 2020. First single in December 2019 was “Sweet day” followed by” Time for celebration” in January 2020, and “Come on You silly ones” on 21th of February

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