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King Of Bass (DAGAVAQ)

King Of Bass

Born in 1985 diagnosed with organic brain sydrome where I had scar tissue in my brain ,I was pronounce dead at birth but life had other plans and later diagnosed with autism at age 4,then at age 11 I started writing songs by hearing the music playing in my head then; I made my first cd album in 2004 and it took me five years almost to do so ..I've succeeded in the Charts several times on itunes, amazon , spotify and once on billboard charts.. also im on magazine and blogs of EDMHOUSENETWORK AND LIFOTI MAGAZINE.,I learned that music can turn autism into a gift from limited ability to where i'm now high functioning and can do what everyone else can do in life... Made my own music video in 2020 ,been on a mainstream radio station of Electric 94.9 ,vm underground radio,callywood radio,pressure radio,edm radio ; in 2021 I made it in the charts again in the independent scene as well as in Spotify and many others without a record label,I enjoy being independent as a musical artist (artist who makes instrumental tracks only) and I also am exploring on becoming a music producer .. Twitter.com/dagavaq2 Twitter.com/thekingofbass Facebook.com/Legendkingallbass SoundCloud.com/thekingofbass Instagram.com/thekingofbass1

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King Of Bass (DAGAVAQ)
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