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KRUDE, are an Italian-Irish band born in 2018 from the mind of Riccardo Matta (aka Richard Tree) and Niccolò Matterazzo (aka NikMartken). Both Italians that met in Dublin with a common passion: music and playing it hard. Together, they decided to found a metal band called "PRIMITIVE" with the goal to play in all Dublin pubs. They start to look for a bass player for the band and they met Andrew Donaldson: after the first audition and his playing styles, Riccardo said "it's him" and Andrew became the bass player of the band. The three guys start to look then for another guitar player and they found in Oisin Rossa, a friend of Andrew, what they were looking for. The excitement was big, but after starting making some plannings about releases and more, they discovered that the name "PRIMITIVE" was a common metal band already taken, so they decided to change it into "KRUDE" which is closer to the original idea of the band itself. KRUDE recorded their debut song "No More Time To Waste" during the lockdown due to COVID-19 on their own, exchanging tracks and sessions all the time in order to achieve the golden take, where possible... And the band is still recording and producing more music for all metal fans out there. Stay KRUDE!

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