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It all began with Wolf, singer-songwriter, who, around 8 years ago began to learn the craft of arranging and working in a recording studio. At the same time, he also studied movie direction, shooting techniques, how to write subjects and film-scripts, editing and post production. 

After around 3 years Wolf met The Eye who joined the band, taking care of the band's website and graphics. 

Another 2 years passed and Wolf then met The Wizard who joined the band as arranger and sound technician: 'The Wizard of the Sound'. 

For a year, Wolf and The Wizard worked on developing the sound of the band 'Kill The Beast', who now are a rock/country band with 70's- 80's style & record label connecting music and cinema: for each song they have a cover and a video mini-movie style.


To listen and watch the band's songs, videos & movies, visit their website:

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