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Got a problem? Odds against you? Call the L.A. STREETHAWK!
 Born out of love for the brooding, synth-driven action movie soundtracks of the early 1980s, L.A. STREETHAWK pushes towards the darker territories of what has become known as Synthwave. The German duo mashes up a no-frills analog vibe with a cutting edge production, resulting in their strangely familiar vintage music from the year 2049. Just a few months after the release of their debut EP Something Better (February 2019), which features American Alternative Rock singer Wolfgang Parker, L.A. STREETHAWK has steadily built towards their reputation as a blistering live act. Their latest release, the surprisingly uptempo pop banger WALK AWAY featuring Dorian Deveraux (FTANNG! / JoE), offers another glimpse at their upcoming debut album RAW DEAL.

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