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Greetings! Please allow me to introduce myself: I'm Lacobo-Jomes, a singer-songwriter from East Yorkshire, UK and I'm super excited to share with you tracks from my new album - 'Be Here When It Hurts '- which is available to stream/buy now on all major platforms.


This new album is a humble reflection on the fragile, yet resilient human spirit, traversing a line of emotions both light and dark. Written primarily on piano and guitar, these tracks were recorded at my home studio before being mixed and mastered by the excellent Nick Dawes at La Source studios, France.


Let me tell you a little more about my musical background. I found my voice as an awkward teenager, singing along to pop tunes through a battered old tape recorder. It wasn't until going to college and bonding with like-minded, creative spirits that I really began writing and performing music. From here, I went on to record and tour with Nottingham band C.F. Kane among other incarnations. Having since parted ways, I learned to forge a new direction as a solo artist, and so began my foray into the perilous world of home studio recording.


I'm really proud of these new songs and I hope you enjoy them too and will help spread the word. Please get in touch with your thoughts and thanks again for your support, especially in these trying times!




Recent Review of new single, Pretty Nepal (Make You My Girl)


"This is a really cool track, sung passionately with craving and perseverance. The tune has some excellent guitar moments and a sweet slow beat. When we get to the chorus, we're treated with a haunting piano sound with a real, chilled vibe which relates really nicely to the lyrics and the vocals. This could be a massive tune for Lacobo-Jomes. It's a clever, catchy song that makes you want to put it on a loop after the song finishes". Tilley's Music Guidance - https://twitter.com/Tilleysmusic

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