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LiL Ruka Bankka

BANKKA!!!! Wassup with it .... I'm a 28 yr old Rapper tryna make it for My Beautiful Wife in my 3 Kids I love them so much in if I had the funds to do more things with them I wud ..... I want them to have a Better Life then I did ..... I just need the rite type of Support in the rite people to hear my voice 🙏🙏💪 I do all my Music and a 2003 Ford F-150 with the Windows up in a old Galaxy Fone with earbuds in I got hits ...... I'm Also the CEO of LRB PRODUCTIONS ™ in it's only 2 of us for now in like 1,000 fans on reverbnation in Twitter accounts I just need to Spread out to get more Support and Views ..... That's how I came Across this Pade Tunebubble hopefully this is the Spark...... THIS IS LRB Nation .... WE CUMIN ..... I LOVE ALL MY FANS .... THANK YOU IN GOD BLESS YOU 🙏

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LiL Ruka Bankka