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Liquid Modern

We live in an era of hyper-nostalgia where everything is a derivative of something from the past.  Our art, music, and film are all directly linked to our memories of the past.

Liquid Modern seeks to imbue the nostalgia of the past with the feelings of remorse and sadness that should accompany them. The raw, airy vocals and smooth electronic sounds created by this husband and wife duo of Lord Kojak and Kojette seek to bring emotion into soulless pop tunes.

Whether it is their reimagining of classic songs or the forward thinking production of their originals, Liquid Modern will not be complacent in one genre as there is a world of musical styles to explore!

Liquid Modern has recently concentrated on creating downtempo electronic covers of 90s pop tunes and stripping away the facades of pop sensibilities to create a more accurate and sustainable view of the past.  A network of influences blend effortlessly through each and every note.

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