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Lori Nebo

Singer-songwriter, Lori Nebo is a musician who writes her own songs, lyrics and

melodies with her voice. She collaborates with many talented musicians, composers, arrangers

and her music is a mix of Pop, Soul, R&B, Jazz and Reggae. This artist also performs cover

tunes from many of her favorite artists, such as; Aretha Franklin, Teena Marie, Chaka Khan,

Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Adelle, Celine Dion and Beyonce. According to Craig Paine,

from music management;” this 4 ½ octave range vocalist is an enigma, who simply leaves her

audiences amazed and asking for more.

Born and raised in Southern California, most of her adult life, Nebo started singing in

church, at the age of 9, as her mother was a devoted Sunday school teacher. Her father is also a

musician, plays Harmonica, Piano and other musical instruments, and lives in Riverside


She started singing and writing songs while at UCSB, in the Gospel Choir, and later in an

all girl group called; “Girls In The Mix.” But later decided to work with a live band, with live

musicians, much needed for growth.

Nebo later moved to New York City in the year 2000, as she began to change her career

from nursing to working as a DJ, singer and a host, and also started her own Entertainment &

publishing company; “Inspiration Love Songs,” as a writer and publishing her own original

music in Ascap..

SONGS-Many of her own original songs are written and inspired by her four children,

songs like; “Inspiration,” and “Melinda’s Song,” in particular. She grew up with her children as a

young single mother of four. After divorcing her husband with two twin girls, Typhanie and

Tisha, 3rd daughter Melinda and one son Edward. She supported them by herself on a nursing

salary as a certified nursing attendant, and states that it is one of the hardest jobs any single

parent can ever do.

Her first album was called;” Inspiration Love Songs'' and is available in all online stores. Nebo

released a second Album, called” I Am A Voice.” is a compilation of 16 of her own original

songs, including Martin Luther King, Time To Fly, In The Morning Time, I Am…, Wishing on

A Brand New Star. Light a Candle was her third album she released, but took off the shelves

revamping into an album for the holiday season at the end of the year.

Currently released; new original single for 2020 called: Down Town After Work, she wrote

and recorded with another band member, guitar man and musical arranger, composer Mr. Ivan

Ramirez. She was performing with Ivan in a band in City Island called “Soul Cadillac.”

The Journey of A Woman,” is a compilation songs she has written; some previously released and

a some new ones including; “The Boogie Down Bronx-Uptown, Highest Mountain with DJ

Freedom Justice, Girl Power/ Woman Power, and I Am was recorded in Brooklyn at Truth

Studio’s with Steve Sola. Take Me To The Water, she gave medical services to her producers

wife, in exchange Paul Von Thadden created a beautiful track for the song she sang to him.

Bronx producer, and talented musician; Robbie Mitchell was another great blessing she met on

myspace. Reggae music has been created by her producer from Jamaica, DJ Slidin Da’ Versatile

Songs like girl power/woman power.

Original Music is available for purchase on https://www.itunes.com/lorinebo

https://www.amazon.com/lorinebo , check it out on https://www.youtube.com/lorinebo

She has collaborated with many great talented producers, musicians, engineers; William

Davidson, Thierry De Jean, Robert Honablue, Roy Ayers, Dennis Davis; Paul Von Thadden,

Robbie Mitchell, Steve Sola, DJ Freedom Justice, Christopher Gilliard, DJ Slidin Da Versatile

and Randy from musickingsradio and his production team.

As an artist, she continues her craft in song and is on a mission to uplift and inspire those who

need to be lifted. She performs in events for charity, Churches, and programs for children; Shout

out to the Troops, a veterans day original song, she performs in hospitals on Veterans Day. Also

in fundraising campaigns that support programs for children, women, victims of domestic

violence, homelessness, and is a member in many women's organizations NOW.’

More music and video info available here;

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8oMAgd778Q&feature=g-upl youtube.com/lori nebo.Music

is also available," http://www.spotify.com/lorinebo Follow her on

https://www.twitter.com/sisternebo , https://www.facebook.com/lorinebo

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Lori Nebo
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