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Love Battalion started with Vocals, Drums, and Guitar (Jason, Jared and Mike), we had been in various bands together at some point or another over the years, and the flood gates opened. One thing led to another and it was time to get a bass player and along came the perfect piece to complete the puzzle (Larry). The chemistry with the four of us is Amazing, like capturing lightening in a bottle. Growing up in the Midwest brings experiences like no other and we bring those experiences into our music. As the saying goes “There’s more than corn in Indiana”

Times come and go, then come back again and through that time Music has always been food for the soul, and fed all emotions, it all started with gospel and the blues and evolved over time. This music influenced us and morphed us into the people we are, molded our soul and created our character. Our heroes and the music we listened to and admired, created our individual styles and how we play and that makes each one of us unique. Combining these styles is Love Battalion bringing high energy original rock that crosses genres and is music for the masses.

We all witness something negative every day and are subject to all kinds of hate and negativity throughout life. It starts at a very young age, seeking the approval of others, which is ingrained in our DNA, the judgement and bullying by others which continues into adulthood. We all just want to be who we are, without society feeling the need to judge us in everything we do? No matter what you believe, no matter what you feel Music is always there to help us through. Join the Love Battalion and Spread the Love of Music to the Masses.

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